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20+ years as MD / Group MD in technology and manufacturing SME businesses.


Public, Private and VC stakeholder experience.


Commercial finesse; negotiations, disputes, JV's, alliances, acquisitions, integrations, reorganisations.


Personally done business in >50 countries, including running subsidiaries in China, Japan, Singapore, USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium.


New product development and IPR.


Graduate Mechanical Engineer.


Qualified and Accredited Executive Coach.

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What makes one business great and others just ... well, not quite so great?


Not possessing an MBA, I wont borrow your watch to tell you the time!


I have spent 30 years acquiring considerable expertise in certain areas, and I specialise in those areas, mainly for SME businesses with an international footprint and high growth aspirations.


So if you want a business practitioner and not just a business school graduate, read on! 


"Measurable Performance Improvement" is how I am judged. 


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Strategy & Business Planning

Helping businesses move from the meaningless pieces of paper that are so often derided, to a real business strategy. One that is recognised throughout the business, has genuinely gathered the best of inputs, and that everyone can identify with, especially shareholders, where all staff can identify their own role in the plan, and know how their own, their teams, and the company's progress will be measured. 


As a process, this works for any business or organisation.


I bring added depth to businesses in the fields of engineering, technology, manufacturing; especially if operating internationally, with IPR/NPD/R&D.



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Business Continuity Planning

Having led businesses that have suffered from fire, supplier bankruptcy, sabotage, product recalls, death of key personnel, IT failure, strikes, IPR challenges, etc., I have learnt the hard way that however well run a business is...


  • There are always threats to its existence
  • Many of these can be anticipated
  • Many of these can be mitigated and insured
  • Not to do so is reckless, and possibly negligent
  • You can never insure the true potential costs
  • thousands of business go under each year for "events outside their control" but which actually are in their power to manage.


A 1 day workshop with your board is usually all it takes to provide the tools to identify and manage these risks. 


Businesses in the UK lost an estimated 13,800 each during January's snow days on average, a survey shows.


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