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20+ years as MD / Group MD in technology and manufacturing SME businesses.


Public, Private and VC stakeholder experience.


Commercial finesse; negotiations, disputes, JV's, alliances, acquisitions, integrations, reorganisations.


Personally done business in >50 countries, including running subsidiaries in China, Japan, Singapore, USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium.


New product development and IPR.


Graduate Mechanical Engineer.


Qualified and Accredited Executive Coach.

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What makes one business great and others just ... well, not quite so great?


Invariably the quality and attitude of the people at the top of the organisation.


Of course everybody has their influence... but the impact of the people at the top is crucial, and crucially it impacts on everyone else in the organisation too!


How do the worlds best performers achieve those levels of performance? Whether it is an Opera singer with a voice coach, or Tiger Woods with his coaches, the premiere sports teams in any discipline AND leading business CEO's, Directors, and organisational leaders, all benefit from coaching and mentoring.



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Coaching & Mentoring

I work with a limited number of successful CEO's and business owners to help them identify & achieve their goals and dreams.


NB the more successful a person is the MORE likely they are to employ a coach/mentor!


I offer pragmatic help when, and for however long its needed.


Intervention may be short term for a specific challenge, but most of my work tends to be longer term.


As always identifying how we will measure performance improvements before starting working together.






What Qualifies me to help?

Over 30 years in industry and commerce leading, 20+ years leading highly successful teams in businesses independently acknowledged for their success.


Fellow of Chartered Management Institute


Qualified & Accredited Executive Coach, by AoEC, with experience coaching CEO's from Housing Associations, Fitness Clubs, Major Retail Chains, International Manufacturing Industry, Charities, Trading Companies, Technology businesses


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6 x ROI reported as result of coaching






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