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20+ years as MD / Group MD in technology and manufacturing SME businesses.


Public, Private and VC stakeholder experience.


Commercial finesse; negotiations, disputes, JV's, alliances, acquisitions, integrations, reorganisations.


Personally done business in >50 countries, including running subsidiaries in China, Japan, Singapore, USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium.


New product development and IPR.


Graduate Mechanical Engineer.


Qualified & accredited Executive Coach.

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What makes one business great and others just ... well, not quite so great?


Nearly always it is driven from the board room. Is there a real shared purpose, and a common understanding of how to get there? What hidden agenda's are there? What differences in skill and ambition? How well are things communicated? What levels of mutual respect are there?


Often when times are good, these issues can remain hidden, but when a particularly thorny issue comes along - or when trading takes a dive they become all too clear.


Great businesses work on Board Room effectiveness before it becomes an issue for their success or even survival.


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Board Facilitation

Working with CEO's and Boards to enhance effectiveness:

  • Strategy
  • Transition
  • Negotiation
  • Accountability
  • Team building


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My organisation had spent many hours assessing how far we should move to save a business-critical contract and what would be the effects if we could not. We called Jon in to assist and found him really helpful. He understood the key issues intuitively and was very good at facilitating discussion about the range of actions open to us, what our tactics should be, and how better to appreciate the other party's point of view. The end result was a contract renewal to the client's satisfaction without going beyond our boundaries.


S Thorn, CEO, The Society for Endocrinology & BioScientifica Ltd, May 2010



The Process

Always unique to a given client.


Minimally involves 1-2-1 time with CEO, and very likely other key players in the Boardroom, prior to a first "meeting".


Agreement on goals, issues, and crucially a vision of what a successful outcome looks and feels like. How will performance improvement be measured?


Clarity on time and costs.


Clarity on duration and review/feedback systems







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