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About Jon Penn

20+ years as MD / Group MD in technology and manufacturing SME businesses.


Public, Private and VC stakeholder experience.


Commercial finesse; negotiations, disputes, JV's, alliances, acquisitions, integrations, reorganisations.


Personally done business in >50 countries, including running subsidiaries in China, Japan, Singapore, USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium.


New product development and IPR experience.


Graduate Mechanical Engineer.


Qualified and Accredited Executive Coach

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What makes one business great and others just ... well, not quite so great?


What is it that makes one company fizz with energy and excitement, and    consistently beat expectations, and others... well...  be rather flat?


How does one company lead the market, innovating and capturing profitable new business, and others ... well ... tag along?


What makes one CEO, Board, and company inspirational, and others ... well ... less so?


Helping business leaders achieve their goals is what I do. Any or all of the techniques below are how I do it.


"Measurable Performance Improvement" is how I am judged. 


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Board Facilitation

Working with CEO's and Boards to enhance effectiveness:

  • Strategy
  • Transition
  • Negotiation
  • Accountability
  • Team building

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Particularly in the areas of Busines Strategy and Business Planning, and Business Continuity Planning [Crisis? What Crisis?]

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Non Executive Director

Working with a limited number of businesses to help stakeholders achieve their aspirations.



Recent Publications

Are you choosing the right things to change?


Time to Lead


Alignment to make your organisation Fizz



Coaching & Mentoring

Working with a limited number of CEO's and business owners to help them identify & achieve their goals and dreams.


Professionally trained and accredited, as well as 20 years experience.


Pragmatic help when, and for however long its needed.

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Academy for Chief Executives

CEO Forums & Entrepreneur Boards in Bristol, Bath Swindon, bringing 10-20 owners/CEO's/MD's together for either 1 day or 1/2 day a month in peer groups with world class expert speakers, and "The Board you could never afford"

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